**Eagle is one of the best thing that happened to my on 2021**, I owe a lot of beers to my friend Terry because he shared the tip about Eagle.

...one of the best thing that happened to my on 2021

I consider myself as an addictive to tools that can improve our productivity, I’m a big fan of Notion for example, I like this kind of tools basically because I have my own studio of 3D motion design but because we are only two guys, sometimes we need to do the work as if we are like 5 or a bigger team, our secret to exist is the usage of this type of tools, we improve our everyday life’s thanks to this kind of tools.


As soon as I saw Eagle I totally loved 😍, I loved the power and the simplicity of their proposal for an organizer tool. Eagle added more value for the organization for different part of my workflows, and because I like to create content too, I want to share with you a lot more details about Eagle on this little “article” that I’m writing with a lot of love, make sure to read it completely because I’ll share a lot of things 🙂.



Table of Contents:

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Overview 📚

Eagle, on a simple description, is a powerful organization tool for different type of files, Eeagle shines on features that will allows you to organize *your files on multiple ways and on the performance speed to manage them.

You can check more on their website on the bookmark below:

Eagle - Organize all your reference images in one place

I mentioned that Eagle have a browser extension with a lot useful features? you will be able the read more about it now 😉